Two friends, two passions: biodiversity and drawing

Both fascinated by animals, from the smallest insect to the largest mammal, we met by studying small amphibians, the green tree frogs (you now know how we chose our logo!). Our paths then separated, each of us focused on his biology studies.

Following a master’s degree for Delphine and a PhD for Iris, we both decided to paint the animals around us. This second common passion brought us together again.

We concern a lot about biodiversity protection

GreenyPaw is a partnership through which we want to put our artistic skills at the service of ecological causes. We work alongside associations and some carefully selected zoos based on their commitment to biodiversity and animal welfare, and donate a portion of our profits. You can learn more about our partners on the dedicated page

In addition, to achieve our creations, we avoid using materials including animal products and favor environmentally friendly products:

  • we only use synthetic hair brushes to avoid any source of animal abuse for their manufacture (yes, animals are bred or hunted in abominable conditions for natural brushes!),
  • our shipping containers are recycled when possible or made from sustainably managed forests,
  • we avoid the use of plastic in shipments and when necessary, we use compostable and biodegradable plastic products made from plants,
  • we use gelatin-free paper and try to select fine art brands that do not use animal components in their paints and art supplies.

The respect of the copyrights … is an evidence for us

We are very sensitive to the respect of the other artists work, that are unfortunately often reused without their agreement. This is why the reference photos of the paintings sold on this site are exclusively used with the agreement of the photographer or copyright free (obtained thanks to the application Pixabay).

GreenyPaw: ecology training but artist soul

Iris Eouzan

“I started to paint at age 8, the results were rather catastrophic … I quickly dropped the brush to devote myself to biology. The pleasure of painting came back to me at 15, and followed me during my studies. After getting my PhD in ecology, I decided to stop research and combine my two passions to créate my job. I’m interested in all painting and drawing techniques. but I have a preference for acrylic. My style mixes realism and fantasy with colorful abstract backgrounds.I also realize entirely abstract paintings under the name IrisColors, which you can find on my website as well as my Facebook and  Instagram.  My commitments are related to my passion for the animal world, that I want to be able to paint with respect for biodiversity while helping in my way to preserve it. I particularly love birds, which I have come to know and care for during internships and volunteering.”


Delphine Dion

“Passionate naturalist and drawing since always, I never thought of embarking on an artistic career and I therefore move to studies of ecology. Towards the end of my studies, I’m more serious about drawing and painting. A year later, I discovered watercolor and, there, it is the heart stroke! After getting my Master’s degree in ecology and a deep questioning on my personal and professional aspirations, I decide to create my micro-business to start selling my creations all over the world. My style has evolved throughout these years to achieve what I realize today: semi-realistic illustrations in a soft and rounded style full of life thanks to bright colors, combining watercolors and colored pencils, always linked to the animal world and nature. In parallel with this project, I also propose under my name more fanciful illustrations, perfect to celebrate the birth, the birthday of the little ones, but also of the biggest ones !! You can visit my Etsy shop, my Facebook page  and my Instagram.”