Realistic portraits

Realistic portraits offer the most options for size and support. They are entirely made with acrylic paint and protected by a layer of gloss varnish. You can find examples of achievements in the gallery. Three very simple steps are necessary to commission me: choose the material / size, the background color and the picture of the animal to be represented.

Material and size

Two types of materials are available for these portraits: canvas or paper. The canvas are made of cotton, mounted on a wooden frame with a thickness of 1.5 cm. These paintings can be hung as they are or be framed. For paper portraits, I use fine grain watercolor paper (thickness: 300g / m²). These paintings need to be framed under glass (not supplied).

The image on the left shows examples of canvases and paper used (click to enlarge the image) ->

Background color

Choose a color that suits you, perhaps your favorite color, or one matching the walls of the house. You can also choose a color mix, or a simply white background. If you want a particular background (meadow, river, …), let’s talk about it! You have no idea of the background you want? Let’s talk about it too!


I work according to the pictures that you give to me, so remember to choose a picture where the animal is in a position that you like and where the light is good. The better the picture, the better the portrait! The ideal is to send me several pictures so that I can take into account all the details of the animal, we will then choose together the one that you prefer to represent. The background does not matter because it can be changed on the portrait, just like some details of the animal. If you want the portrait of several animals, I can put them on the same painting even if they are on different pictures.

You made your choice ? Let’s go !

A form is available at the bottom of this page to commission me. It allows you to write me a message an directly include the pictures if you have chosen them. Tell me about your project, even if it seems crazy! We will see together what is possible or not. Once the project is defined and fixed, you can pay a deposit (30%), or pay the full amount if you prefer, before the beginning of the portrait.


Before I start, I’ll send you a picture of the sketch so that you can validate or indicate the changes you want before I start painting. Once the painting is finished, you will receive a message with a picture of it again. If the end result is right for you, the paint is varnished. You can then pay the rest of the payment and the table will be shipped immediately. Payments in 3 times are possible, do not hesitate to ask me about it.

I use various materials for the packing. No worries about the canvases, they are protected by bubble wrap and I cut myself cardboard so that it is in the right format and protects perfectly my work. Paper sizes are protected by a cardboard folder and sent in a cardboard envelope. Each portrait is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity (and its wax seal that I cast myself), which certifies that it was made by a professional painter. This certificate is written in French. 


The prices vary according to the request: material, size of the painting, number of animals, possible background, … Send me a message specifying what you want, I will give you a precise quote. If you are not sure what you exactly want, I can give you examples of prices to help you make your decision. Once I have given you my rates, they are guaranteed for two months to give you time to decide. 

For more information or to commission me, contact me here or at iris[a]

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