Being involved with organizations … means helping to protect the animals we love so much to paint

GreenyPaw is a partnership through which we want to put our artistic skills to the service of animal causes. This is why we chose to work alongside organizations and certain zoos chosen with care according to their commitment to biodiversity and animal protection. 

In addition to donate a portion of our profits to these organizations, we act alongside them at certain events, by promoting their actions or by providing them with products for charity sales. We have voluntarily chosen to reduce the number of our partners, to better act with each of them, all represented in the map below: 

Some concrete examples … 

Our products are available in the Parc’Ours’ gift-shop in Borce, in the Pyrenees. For each product sold, the organization of the parc gets a percentage of the price. 


Stand in St Etienne (sept. 2019) for the village “Naturally Vegan”, organized by and for the benefit of the organization “Militants Animalistes Sainté”