Hurlement d’innocence

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Characteristics :

  • Painted with acrylic
  • Canvas size 40 x 50 cm (thickness: 1,5cm)
  • Protection: glossy varnish

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“Hurlement d’innocence” is the story of a white wolf emerging from the darkness, not for hunting as we could think, but to scream in the direction of the moon. This is the story of the wolf,  ancestors of the man’s best friend, also necessar to develop biodiversity in some places like the Yellowstone Park in the United States, and yet still appearing in our mind like a beast thirsty for blood. An image that needs to be washed, in order to get the color it should have: the one of this wolf precisely. This one was made in acrylic, on a 40x50cm format (thickness: 1,5cm) canvas. It is protected by gloss varnish.

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