Into blue

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Characteristics :

  • Painted with acrylic
  • Canvas size 50 x 50 cm (thickness: 1,5cm)
  • Protection: glossy varnish

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I wanted some blue. A lion and blue. That’s where “into blue” was born, which took me more time to think than to paint. I started without knowing where I was going, without any idea of the desired final result. I changed the blue of the canvas three times to find my happiness, then the lion guided me himself until I arrived at a painting that was satisfactory for myself. I love this deep and intense blue, reinforced by this simple and direct yellow-orange look. No need for more. Think of it as lion camouflage, a dream that evaporates… For me this painting evokes stealth, an animal that passes by and you expect to see it disappear a second later, discreetly, at cat’s pace.

The painting was done in acrylic, on a coated cotton canvas, 50 × 50 cm format. It is protected by a layer of varnish. The edges are the same blue as the canvas.

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